This year, why not make a change to your annual vacation and add some excitement and adrenalin to it? Relaxing on a sun soaked beach is all well and good but so too is variety and if you are stuck for ideas as to where to go or what to do for your summer vacations then we have some awesome ideas for types of breaks for you and the family which involve a little bit more excitement than your coastal retreat might offer. Do something different this year and add some much needed adventure to your life.

Let’s take a look at just some of the types of vacation you could be looking at which will give you a thrill whilst you are away.

Skiing Adventure

Skiing is not just something that can be done in the winter months and there are many locations around the World which have snowy pistes all year round. In the past, skiing was quite an expensive vacation but thanks to more resorts being created and lower airfares, you can now take your family on a ski holiday for the same price as your sunshine break. Even if you have never been skiing before, there are plenty of resorts which have ski schools, classes fro beginners and great slopes that are perfect for the inexperienced.

Safari Adventure

Throughout Africa there are a number of tour companies that give you the opportunity to go on safari and see some of the World’s most impressive animals in their natural habitat. Whether you love lions, zebra, elephants or tigers, you can get the chance to see a huge number of incredible wildlife as you roam through the African wilderness. Expect fun, sun, amazing animals and an experience that you are never likely to forget on an African safari.

Extreme Adventure

If you really want to go into your vacation with both feet then why not pick a country like New Zealand or South Africa who have become the poster children for extreme adventure. Not only do these nations offer stunning landscapes, interesting cultures and bustling cities, they also offer a wide range of adrenalin fueled activities such as skydiving, bungee jumping, quad riding and caving. You will need to be ready for full on action when you vacation in these places but you can guarantee that you will have the time of your life.

Go Off The Grid

Whilst it is nice to have all of your home luxuries with you when you go on vacation, why ┬ánot mix it up this year and go right off the grid for a touch of adventure. You could head into the Mongolian wilderness and stay with locals in a tent, head through Afghanistan’s Panjshir Valley on a kayak or head to Iceland and enjoy some snowy adventures in near desolation, just make sure you find a comfortable Iceland camper van for any season. There is so much of this World for you to see and taking yourself away from civilization for a while can do you the World of good.