Playing casino games online in Thailand is an interesting situation. Gambling is mostly illegal, but you are safe as long as you are not broadcasting your fun. 

Most betting sites accept Thai players around the world, but some have restrictions when it comes to finding a slot online. When it comes to games, everyone can agree on a handful of favorites. 

It is estimated that roughly 60 percent of Thailand natives are experiencing some form of gambling. This number could be more, especially since these were taken by several amounts of surveys. 

This dates back to 2014, when a survey was conducted and estimated that 43 billion baht was wagered on just the World Cup alone. Imagine the numbers for other sports that residents have bet on.

A huge majority of the wagers that are placed on those events are local bookies or agencies that operate opposite of the law. In addition, online casinos around the world accept Thai customers, but the government has attempted to block those sites. 

WildFire 7’s Bringing the Heat

WildFire 7’s stands apart from other online slots for Thailand players. The developer, Real Time Gaming, offers a unique experience like no other for customers wanting to experience casino fun. 

This classic re-imagined slot game features a Vegas feel, with symbols like cherries, bars, and the sevens. This three-by-three reel features free spins, various multipliers, and a lucrative jackpot. 

The theme and design are one of the most attractive slot games out there, making it an easy favorite. The payouts are great too and hard to ignore a jackpot of that magnitude. 

For example, WildFire 7’s paying out 17,850x your original bet. The jackpot starts at $500, which can go up exponentially from there. Longtime players will favor higher jackpots and play for long periods of time.

777 Deluxe Offers Competitive Graphics

In 777 Deluxe, you get the most bang for your buck. This classic reels game showcases a five-reel 10 line slot that has great payouts. 

The realistic feel of the three dimensional fruit and vibrant colors is pleasing to the eyes. Whenever you win a prize, the screen illuminates with color and makes you feel like you are a big winner. This game is one of the more popular games for this reason.

777 Deluxe is easy to understand too. All you have to do is simply click to engage the reel and see if you have any fruit that matches up. In addition, there are question marks that can take the shape of an icon, which potentially makes more matches. 

Whenever you make matches, it is also possible to form clusters that trigger other symbols to be activated. In that scenario, you could win even more on one play-through. 

The Search for Gold

Gold Rush Gus is another quality slot game for Thailand players. You will put your mining abilities to the test to see if you can find the fortune. 

The beautiful thing about this game is that you do not have to physically mine for your earnings. Everything you need is on the screen for you to enjoy. 

The reels are divided into one, three, and five spots. Three scatter symbols will allow you free spins. You have the opportunity to win big if you unlock five, 10, or 15 spins and then have a multiplier of two, three, or four. 

If you lose on a spin, you have the opportunity to redeem yourself. At random, you can click the volcano to initiate a free spin for another opportunity to win. You could even earn an additional free spin within that free spin. 

This game also offers various bonuses and a progressive jackpot. Slowly and steadily, you could find yourself some gold playing Gold Rush Gus.