All flower lovers are looking forward to the first days of spring. With spring, all nature wakes up. Therefore, the flowers show their gorgeous beauty once again. The grayness of winter days is slowly disappearing, and it is being replaced by various colors of the first spring flowers.

The most impressive spring flower is the narcissus. Narcissus is the first to greet the beginning of spring with its cheerful yellow color. However, the narcissus is not the only spring flower. If you want to know what other flowers bloom in the spring, just keep reading.

We have singled out 8 flower species that announce spring. With flowers from our list, you can have the most beautiful spring garden ever. You can even easily grow some of them from bulbs yourself. You should start planting spring flower bulbs between October and November. And then all you have to do is wait for spring and transfer your flowers to the garden.

Of course, while you are waiting for spring, you can get a collection of cacti to decorate your living space. Almost every flower shop offers cacti throughout the year. Also, flower delivery in Dubai is always available, so you can get your cacti at your home address at any time.

Now let’s go back to spring flowers.

Many types of flowers bloom at this time of year. However, in today’s article, we are going to talk only about several of them. So let’s see what, in our opinion, are the most beautiful spring flowers.

8 Most Beautiful Spring Flowers

1. Narcissus (Daffodil)

As we said, the narcissus is one of the most famous and beautiful spring flowers. The yellow color of daffodils makes any space happy, whether it is a house or a garden. Although the daffodil can also be pink, the yellow color is the one by which daffodils are recognizable.

2. Snowdrop

Snowdrop is a delicate and white flower hanging on the trees, looking like drops of milk. Snowdrop is one of the earliest spring flowers. There is a widespread belief that Snowdrop was created by an angel inhaling a snowflake. For this reason, the Snowdrop flower symbolizes rebirth and hope.

3. Forsythia

Forsythia is a flowering species that grows in the shape of a deciduous gram. Forsythia flowers are bright yellow and bloom in spring before the leaves grow on the bush. Forsythia flowers are numerous and will surely beautify any spring garden. The yellow Forsythia bush announces the sun that was absent during the winter.

4. Hyacinth

Hyacinth is another in a series of beautiful spring flowers. It is most often seen in purple or pink, but there is also a rare hyacinth species with black flowers. Hyacinth is very easy to grow, which is why it grows well in all kinds of gardens. It has a very strong and pleasant smell.

5. Lily of the Valley

Lily of the Valley is considered a ground cover because it is very resistant and grows quickly. It grows best in moist places that are under shade. With Lily of the Valley, even the darkest parts of your garden will look beautiful. These flowers are small and white and are considered one of the most fragrant spring flowers.

6. Tulip

The list of spring flowers would not be complete without tulips. The tulip is one of the most colorful flowers, which is why it is very difficult to choose only one color of the tulip for your spring garden. But don’t worry as whichever color you choose, your garden will look beautiful. Tulips in every garden look stunning as they welcome spring with their cheerful colors.

7. Winter Aconite

Although it is called winter, Winter Aconite is actually a spring flower. Winter Aconite reproduces very quickly, forming a flower carpet on the surface on which it grows. The flowers are golden yellow and are very attractive to bees and other beneficial insects. Winter Aconite is very easy to grow, which is why it is ideal for planting in shady parts of the garden.

8. Bluebell

Bluebells look really impressive in combination with any other flowers. Lots of blue flowers, in the shape of bells, are a breathtaking sight in every garden. Bluebell is an extremely resistant flower that thrives even in dry conditions.

The combination of these eight flowers from our list is quite enough to make your spring garden look fantastic. If you think that your garden would not be complete only with these flowers, you can see the extended list of spring flowers at the following link:


Each season is characterized by different types of flowers. And every single one is different and beautiful in their own way. However, spring is the time when a new cycle of flowering and giving birth begins, and that is what makes spring special.