When it comes to travel, it can be a daunting task to reconcile your need for exploration with that of being eco conscious. After all, travel is an unnecessary expenditure of finite resources and an undue uptick in pollution. However, no one should go without travel, as it is one of humanity’s deepest desires, so there must be a compromise. Here are some ways to meet in the middle of your desire to travel and your desire to save the planet.

All you really have to do is keep your trips short. Traveling within the U.S., assuming you’re a resident, will ultimately contribute less to wasting fossil fuels and increasing pollution. While the romantic ideal for traveling is going to foreign and exotic countries, there’s plenty to see and do domestically, and that is the responsible choice when trying to balance your need to explore with your eco-friendly ideals.

Next, taking public transportation is a great way to reduce your carbon footprint. Taking a bus that is going to make the trip anyway will help you get where you’re going without adding to the pollution and using precious materials.  This is a great way to travel guilt free, as you are sharing the resources already being used and the pollution already being emitted with others and reducing everyone’s individual contributions immensely.

Lastly, you can travel with the goal of fighting global warming and pollution in mind. You can couple seeing new things and places with becoming a more responsible citizen to make the best of traveling. You are essentially undoing some amount of the damage of travel by improving your ability to change the world in the long run. Finding seminars on the subject can be the basis of your travel. Just make sure to look your best wherever you go with Eddie Bauer.