It’s your summer holiday and your keen on a trip of a life time over the summer. You have your ESTA Visa and your ready to go! The only thing you haven’t quite figured out yet is where to visit. Well keep in mind that some places are best visited outside of the summer, it’s actually low season in Miami during the summer and while the prices are lower it can get unbearably hot making it less desirable during this season. New York City may sound appealing but who really wants to be stuck in the Urban Jungle during the true heat of the summer. Wouldn’t you rather be spread out on a beach in California? With that said there are city’s that were made for the summer! So let’s take a look at the best summer-time Cities in the United States of America.


San Diego

Californian summers are as good as they get! While many opt for Los Angeles, San Diego offers all the charm but less of the crowds. For those that surf or simply enjoying laying back and taking in the sun this is a true paradise.

San Diego is home to some of the best beaches in the California such as the famous mission beach one of the liveliest beaches in San Diego and Pacific Beach a 2 mile stretch of golden sands with a lively nightlife scene. Go off the beaten track and you will be rewarded by empty warm waters and untouched sandy dunes. Its worth nothing that the sunsets are spectacular in San Diego!

There is plenty to do at the beach with activities such as kayaking, paddle boarding and of course surfing as mentioned above. The restaurants in this sunny California city are sublime and if you prefer something more laidback and less pretentious you will prefer the nightlife here to L.A.


The Windy City is absolutely fabulous during the summer. Chicago has fantastic old American archecuture to be admired and during the summer the many rooftop bars come alive. From here you can sit back in the sun and enjoy cocktails while overlooking the city sights in what is a particular vibrant atmosphere.

With Lake Michigan running through the city, visitors will be impressed by the sandy lakeside beaches which they will find both physically and socially appealing. Lots is going in Chicago during the summer the evenings are warm and there are plenty of events Day & Night. While it might not be so Windy, the Windy City is best enjoyed during the summer season.


Las Vegas

There’s no better time to come to Vegas than the summertime! Yes it’s hot, but so are the party’s, the Beach Clubs are in full flow and attract the biggest DJ’s from across the world during the summer. Beach clubs such as Wet Republic, Encore and Beach club attracts names like David Guetta and Steve Aoki in the day while the likes of Calvin Harris and The Chainsmokers draw the crowds in at the ultra luxurious nightclubs such as Omnia & XS club at night.

For EDM fans at least Summertime is the season for an adventure. On top of this you of course have the worlds greatest Casinos, some incredible Vegas shows and wining and dining until your heart is content. Yes you can do many of these things year round but in the summer the atmosphere here is truly special.