Need some getting away from the daily routine? Want to go far away, leave everything behind, and soak up new experiences in the process? You’re not the only one – we all have our moments when all we want to do is hop on a plane, fly across half the world, and forget about the treadmill for a while. Alas, it’s often not us, but the daily routine and the treadmill that have the final word. But even in these moments, we have technology to help, bringing far away places – and amazing entertainment – into our lives.


Experience your music

Experiencing live music is hard to match by technology. Luckily we have innovators doing their best to bring it into our lives, even if we can’t make it to live events. Qello, for example, has proposed to become the Netflix of musical content, offering its users an amazing collection of concerts and other musical material to stream on any device they might choose.

For a flat fee of $7.99 a month (or $69.99 a year) Qello users will be able to stream their preferred concerts to their phones, computers or even Smart TVs. While seeing a recording of a concert is no match for actually being there, Qello offers the next best thing – and at an affordable price.

Experience your games

Let’s face it – we can’t make it to Reno, Atlantic City or Las Vegas too often. This is bad news for those with a passion for casino games. But technology is here to help: the All Slots online casino Australia brings Las Vegas to you.

The All Slots Casino Australia offers its players a collection of games that puts even the Sands Las Vegas to shame. It has a library of over 750 titles in its downloadable software suite, and none of them are ever occupied – since they are all virtual. You can play your favorite games at any time of the day at the All Slots Casino, and you don’t even have to leave the house. But if you do, and want to slip in a few minutes of blackjack action, the All Slots Mobile Casino is for you – only a tap away.

Experience (virtual) reality

All these things are great to experience on a screen – but how would it be stepping right into the action? Virtual reality is here to help. Although it is most often considered a gaming innovation, VR will soon show its worth in other areas, too. Imagine not just seeing that concert, but being in the middle of the crowd, and seeing cheering fans if you look around. Imagine not only tapping on the cards but actually interacting them using your hands, in a virtual world. Soon this – and much more – will be possible thanks to modern technology.