Benidorm has long been a top tourist destination for decades and it’s no wonder why; this popular tourist hot spot on the eastern coast of Spain has earned its reputation as being one of the best places to visit for an annual holiday due to its sunny climate, golden beaches and only being a stone throw away from Britain.


With its tourist based economy, Benidorm has something for everyone whether on a 2 week family holiday a Benidorm short break or a group of young adults enjoying some time together in the sun; Benidorm sure does cater for everyone and is serious about making your holiday fun and relaxing.

If you ever watched the television series ‘Benidorm’ then you need to forget all that and come and see this amazing part of Europe for yourself, you sure won’t be disappointed. With so many activities and things to do whether lounging about on the beach all day or enjoying the spectacular nightlife that Benidorm has to offer you will never get bored. That’s what Benidorm does best, making sure you don’t get bored and it does it well.

Below are some suggestions for what you can do in Benidorm – split it in to two categories 1, for people with families and 2, for the younger adults looking for fun in the sun.


For those with families Benidorm has some excellent attractions for the kids to enjoy, and even the adults too. Why not take them along to see one of Benidorm’s biggest tourist attractions which is Mundomar, a sea themed park which is a fantastic day out for the children. Here you can see dolphin shows, sea lions, exotic birds and other wildlife, and if you’re brave enough you can even swim the dolphins.

Young adults

One Thing that attracts young adults to Benidorm is the plethora of bars, clubs and nightlife so you can drink the night away and make new like-minded friends. A must for young adults is the Levi’s Showboat, which features various shows such as the female impersonators who are hilarious but very adult ordinated drinks flow freely here and the food is excellent too.

Then there are the beaches, with blue skies and clear waters like you would expect from the Mediterranean. The beaches cater for both families and adults from extreme water sports for the adults to enjoy, to playgrounds and waterslides for the kids.