Without question, St. John is one of the nicest islands to visit in the Caribbean ... photo by CC user Ben Whitney (public domain)

Although much of North America and Europe are enjoying the dog days of summer as we write this article, the long, harsh winter that the Northern Hemisphere suffers through annually is just around the corner.

As such, you’ll probably want an escape plan in place before the hordes begin to plot out theirs. By getting started early, you’ll have the best spots on the nicest islands to visit in the Caribbean locked down for you and your loved one’s personal use … here are three isles that have curried our favor lately…

1) Barbados

Looking for a taste of the United Kingdom on your tropical holiday? If so, then making Barbados your destination will expose to an island nation that has retained many characteristics of its former colonial overlord long after being granted its independence from the Crown. For instance, people here drive on the left, and on weekends, cricket matches can be found at fields all across the nation.

There are many excellent places to stay for those of all budgets, ranging from inexpensive bed and breakfasts to some of the finest five star hotels that can be found in the Caribbean. The holiday villa rentals in Barbados are nothing to sneeze at as well, as the value you can get for your money will have you feeling like a millionaire, even if you aren’t one (yet).

2) St. John

St. John may be one of the smallest of the U.S. Virgin Islands, but it is also considered by locals and frequent travelers to be one of the shiniest of this set of gems in the Caribbean.

It is ringed by world class beaches and with two thirds of St. John’s land area being protected by the National Park Service, many of these seaside paradises have been kept in an unspoiled state.

3) Antigua

Antigua is also a wonderful place to spend your vacation time in the Caribbean, as it is home to some of the region’s best snorkeling and SCUBA diving. For best results, be sure to hire tour operators that will take you to sites off its eastern shore, as the clarity of the water and quality of the coral is miles ahead of what you’ll find elsewhere.

Antigua is also famous for being a party destination. If you seek to confirm this rumor yourself, simply spend an evening drinking rum and carousing with the locals at Shirley Heights Lookout. With one of the best sunset views on the island, you’ll be glad you decided to spend an evening in this lively venue, which used to serve as a fort for the British back in its heyday.

4) Cayman Islands

The Cayman Isands are a hidden gem in the Caribbean. You’ll enjoy white sand beaches and luxury tax free shopping. Cayman Islands honeymoon packages are plentiful and it’s a great place to spend with your new spouse!

You’ll obviously want to snap some photos if you visit any of the above islands, so make sure to check out bestcompactcamera2016.com to choose a great one with good reviews before heading out! Bon Voyage!